Matthew Brown Composer


List of works

Wind orchestra

Op. 3, Fugal through time for wind band (2003)

Op. 6, Encomium (2008; revised 2016-2017)

Op. 9, Stasis (2009)

Op. 41, Serenade in E flat (2018)


String Orchestra

Op. 7, Labyrinth (2009)

Op. 27b, Solitude after dusk (2016)

Op. 29b, Words of the Host for Soprano and String Orchestra (2017)


Big Band

Op. 15, Disorientation (2011)



Op. 13b, Three Illusions of Peganum Harmala for solo viola and orchestra (2011-2013)

Op. 14b, Caelestialis for soprano and orchestra (2011-2012)

Op. 33, Beverley Meadow (2015-2016)


Ensemble with voice(s)

Op. 29a, Words of the Host for soprano and string quartet (2015)



Death Song (2012)

Op. 32, Spring Winds and Spring Flowers (2015-2016)



Op. 18, There Came a Wind Like a Bugle for soprano and piano (2012)

Op. 22, Among the Multitude for soprano and piano (2013)


Solo Instrumental

Op. 13a, Three Illusions of Peganum Harmala for viola and electronics (2011)

Op. 17, Les sons recules for piano (2012)

Op. 21, Elegy for viola (2013)

Op. 23, Tree of Life for violin (2013)

Op. 31, Desolate Landscape for viola (2015)



Op. 19, Incursion and Reconnaissance for marimba and vibraphone (2012)

Op. 24, Mammoth Spear for cello duo (2013)

Op. 26, Chiaroscuro for violin and viola duo (2013-2014)

Op. 30, Stamp for violin and cello (2015)

Op. 34, Mirage for viola and marimba (2016)



Op. 1, Sonata for oboe, violin, and cello (2002)

Op. 12, Three Conversations for piano trio (2010)

Op. 25, Boundless for flute, violin and piano (2013)



Op. 5, Reverie for two clarinets, oboe and piano (2005)

Op. 10, Equipoise for three violas and piano (2009)

Op. 37, Song for the Lighting of the Chanukah Candles for string quartet (2016)

Op. 38, Dance for the Festivals of Light for string quartet (2016)

Op. 40, Sea of Tranquility for string quartet and soft drone of E flat and B flat (2017)



Op. 11, Verglas for string quintet (2010)

Op. 28, Divinity (2014-2015)

Op. 35, One movement for string quintet quasi variazioni (2016)

Op. 36, Piano and String Quartet (2016)


Viola Ensemble

Prelude and Fugue for viola ensemble (2012)

Reverie for viola ensemble and cello (2013)

Maestoso for viola ensemble and cello (2013)

Op. 27a, Solitude after dusk version for viola ensemble and solo cello (2014)

Variations on a Theme of La Folia for viola enemble (2015)

Edwardo (version for viola ensemble) (2016)

Op. 39, Mass for the wives for viola ensemble with solo violin and solo cello (2016-2017)


Small Ensemble without voice(s)

Op. 2, Jig: Theme and Variations (2002)

Op. 4, Buccolia (2004)

Op. 8, Autoschediasm (2009)

Op. 14a, Caelestialis for soprano, harp, string quartet, and electronics (2011)

Op. 16, On C  for chamber ensemble (2011-2012)

Op. 20, Intrada for wind ensemble (2013)

Op. 28, Concords of Sounds (2014)

Op. 42, Peganum Harmala (2017-2018)